Cascade Quality Molding
Cascade Quality Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

CQM's modern 28 to 150-ton presses can mold parts from one to 11 ounces. These machines are equipped with microprocessor controls, hydraulic core pulls, vertical clamp, part line injection, and programmed intrusion.

CQM offers specialized services in insert molding, sonic welding and assembly methods. We perform over-molding onto plastic or metal sub-parts. A custom process control manual is developed for each product to ensure quality.

By staying current in polymer technology advances, we utilize more of the 20,000 standard thermoplastic formulations than most competitors. We use high-quality virgin plastics, with certifications, from name brands such as DuPont and Dow.

We customize each job to meet customer needs by offering the following features:

  • Custom-compounded materials
  • Color concentrates
  • Fiberglass
  • Lubricants
  • UV inhibitors
  • Flame-retardants

These following products represent our specialties and diverse abilities and experience in injection molding:

  • Electronic enclosures.
  • Aircraft parts.
  • Medical parts.
  • Industrial highength parts.
  • Tiny precision parts.
  • ESD and shielded parts.
  • Clear and lens parts.
  • TP elastomer parts.
  • TS silicone elastomer parts.

CQM follows sound environmental practices. We recycle leftover or scrap plastics. We exceed the requirements of the local Clean Air Authority which adheres to DEQ guidelines.

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