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Cascade Quality Molding
Mold-making and Tooling

Once a design is finalized, we produce the mold and tools to manufacture the end-product. This is done in our Mold-making and Tooling Department where technicians build molds and tools that are precise to within 1/1000th (.001") of an inch.

All CQM molds are built according to a 185-point checklist of specifications established by the Society of Plastics Engineers and the Society of the Plastics Industry. The majority of our molds are steel (P20 steel or steel with hardened tooled-steel inserts). A smaller number are aluminum. The finish in the mold that determines the surface texture of the finished part often requires a stone-polished EDM finish, but most surfaces are chemically etched. We guarantee our molds. We test them, provide a first-article report and make any necessary revisions.

Our resources include partnerships with mold designers, mold makers and other vendors. We frequently subcontract other processes, including plastic part design, mold design, wire EDM work, mold polishing, mold texturing, laser etching, cylindrical grinding, ID and OD thread grinding, metal stamping of tooling, jigs and fixtures, and masking. When appropriate, we use carefully selected vendors in China. These projects are monitored closely. The result has been significant savings to our customers without sacrifice of time or quality.

Please see these examples of our diverse abilities and experience in mold-making:

  • Phantom or virtual tooling and molds.
  • Prototype or pre-production insert molds.
  • Prototype or pre-production complete molds.
  • Production steel molds.
  • High-production steel molds.
  • Other tooling and fixtures.

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