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New Product Development

CQM is a leader in developing and manufacturing thermoplastic parts and products. We will develop your concept into a finished product that is strong, attractive and functional at a price you can afford.

New product development requires technology that performs efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer our clients the lightest, strongest, most-efficient, high-quality products for the lowest cost.

We work with you through every step. The process works like this:

  • Design and Engineering:

    We use CAD and CAM software to transform rough concepts into solid-model virtual prototypes. We analyze the design from all angles and perfect it. Clients and vendors are kept informed at every step, including cost estimates.

  • Prototypes and Model Making:

    We help you choose an ideal working prototype that demonstrates the size, shape and cosmetics of the proposed part. These representations that can be used to introduce the product to prospective buyers.

  • Making the mold:

    Once a design model is finalized, the CAD/CAM software is interfaced with CNC machines to build an aluminum or steel mold built to the highest industry standards.

  • Instant or Fast-Track Molds:

    Today's economy requires cutting costs and enhancing delivery wherever possible. CQM's instant molds streamline production by putting emphasis on good design and engineering up front, and on the use of "virtual" tooling and temporary molds. This reduces the bottleneck that can occur when building traditional molds. The result is fewer dollars spent on production, which leaves more dollars for the finished product!

  • Plastic Injection Molding:

    Plastic Injection Molding is CQM's specialty. Our presses can mold a variety of parts from low to high production. We remain on the cutting edge of the latest advances in polymer technology and molding practices.

CQM also has a Class-100 clean room. This enclosed space is a soft-sided work cell where we locate equipment for special manufacturing projects such as the medical products. Our clean room manufacturing follows FDA Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

Our technical services include the following:

  • Plastic part design.
  • Conversion of CAD files.
  • CAM programming.
  • CNC machining.
  • EDM die sinking.
  • Plastic injection mold-making.
  • Instant tooling or phantom tooling.
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures.
  • Plastic injection molding (thermoplastic).
  • Liquid injection molding (thermal-setting silicone).
  • Over-molding or insert molding.
  • Ultra-sonic molding and inserting.
  • Thermal-staking and inserting.
  • Silk-screen printing (sub-contracted).
  • Pad printing.
  • Hot stamping.
  • Post-mold fixtures.
  • Ultra-sonic welding.
  • Spin welding.
  • Heat swaging.
  • Packaging and boxing.
  • Vacuum forming (basic VF).
  • Various assembly processes.
  • Quality control processes

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