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Partnerships and the China Connection

We know you want a high-quality product for the best possible price. To achieve this goal, we have taken steps to develop production partnerships with qualified vendors in China. We do this with your approval and only after identifying a qualified facility that can achieve the same high standards we adhere to in the U.S.

CQM president, Larry Kraft, travels to China 4+ times per year and personally monitors jobs. CQM, through a subsidiary company, Global-Kraft, currently partners with 10 shops in the Shanghai area that are able to produce parts according to our standards. Customers who have used our China Connection have enjoyed savings of 30 to 50 percent without sacrificing quality or lead time.

Delivery of plastic parts can be accomplished in as few as three days, with production orders taking two weeks to fill. Finished injection molds can be transported to the U.S. in just four days by air or within three weeks by conventional shipping.

The China Connection can be the door to success for entrepreneurs who can't afford to manufacture parts in the U.S. We are often able to negotiate incentives - better payment terms or tooling upgrades - with our China partners, who are eager to do business.

Other opportunities include warehousing and marketing for CQM customers who want to sell their products in Asia. We can facilitate those activities because of our frequent visits to China where CQM, through its Global-Kraft subsidiary, has offices in Hong Kong and Hangzhou, near Shanghai.

Our goal is to help our customers succeed. Your success is our success. CQM has a long list of satisfied customers who can tell you how we helped them. Please contact us for more information.


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